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Two Complete

Well, finally. I have two authentic replicas done! Anakin Skywalker's AOTC version and Darth Vader's ESB version.
I put the new grips on my AOTC saber and had to move a couple out of the way for the Covertec belt wheel. I'm not too sure if they did that for the actual prop, but I'm beginning not to be such a stickler for complete and total accuracy, since no one really knows anyway. My Vader ESB is beautiful, from Parks Sabers. I wish I could post my Mark 3, Obi-Wan saber, but alas, it will not be here, and by here I mean the United States, until the beginning of July. So, that means I will have ended up waiting eight months for the rest of my kit! But I shall be patient a bit longer. Once that piece finally comes in, my patronage to Parks is over!

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Wow... those look very, very cool. I can't wait to see them in person! I imagine the pictures don't do them justice at all.

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