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Perfect Weekend!
Moan...My tummy is so full. Mary and I were in the kitchen most of the day cooking up a storm. She made homemade corn tortilla chips, and I made a homemade salsa. Then we bought red, green, and yellow peppers, flank steak, jalapeno peppers, and chicken breasts to make our own fajitas! Homemade guacamole dip and sweet tea. Everything was so delicious that Mary and I agreed that we out did ourselves this time!
June is going to be the beginning of our home improvement season. We plan on repainting the living room and I'll finish the trim work finally. The bedroom will be finished of all of it's remaining trim work, finally. The dining room just has the last little bit of trim and a wall paper border. The kitchen may need some touch up with paint and I plan on boarding up the gap by the dish washer, finally! So, busy, busy. It sure is nice to have Mary around and not locked away in her office!