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New Years Eve.
I stayed up until ten p.m. after getting up at three:thiry in the morning, went to work, and played around on my live journal for awhile. I downloaded incredimail, which is a nice little program for managing my e-mail and notifing me of incoming mail. It works with hotmail quite nicely. Most e-mail notifiers don't support hotmail, I found out. I think Janine looked for one while she was here, and couldn't find one for hotmail either. I also downloaded the current MSN Messenger. I should be ready to keep in touch and be aware of family news on my own now instead of always hearing it from ND_mom.
My parents are going to pick up my niece Amy on January sixth at Hector International Airport in Fargo. Thank God for that because we've already been there three times now since December nineteenth, two of which were not the most idyllic conditions for interstate driving.
January Sixth also marks the return of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica on the Sci-Fi channel. Those are three of my favorite shows. I don't mind Stargate SG-1 now that Richard Dean Anderson has ended his role as Colonel O'neal. The guy from Farscape took over his position and Beau Bridges replaces the head of the Stargate team. So, to me it's more fun now to watch. 'Atlantis' was very good right from the start. I now have the first season on DVD. And Battlestar Galactica is a whole re-imagining of the old series. They took a lot of liberties but it is for the better. I have to remember to tape those shows because Amy asked if I would and I said yes, so I better.
This weedend will entail a slew of things. First on Saturday I'll be straightening my office and finding places for my Christmas presents. Next comes the cleaning of the household facility. The changing of the sheets and so forth. We all know the routine on that stuff. Saturday night we may watch a few DVDs to pass the time to the New Year, kiss and go to bed. Still for sleeping. O.k. maybe not a slew of things. Well Mary and I are playing around with Messenger I'll chat later. Bye for now.
Jedi John.