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Weekend Warriors are back!
Well, long time no write. When I first got this account, which I 'am thankful I have by the way, I used it almost every day. Now that things are settling down after Mary has her nursing license and we have had time to absorb the passing of daddy Whitney I shall endeavor to keep friends and family more updated on the goings on around here.
First as I stated Mary passed her boards and is now officially an LPN! We all, of course, are so very proud of her. Secondly, Ryan is here this weekend on leave from the asphalt along with Billy the golden retriever. Billy and I slept out in the living room together since he is too big for the bed. He is such a good boy! He woke me up in the middle of the night to go potty, that was very considerate. He loves to pounce around and play, we just make sure breakables are put up.
Thirdly, Mary and I are going to start repainting the living room tomorrow (Saturday). On the 4th of July we were off of work, so we started to prep the room for painting. It took most of the day because we are going to paint all the trim a country white so they all had to be sanded, and boy did we sand! I don't think that there is any trace left of the varnish. We also are giving the ceiling a fresh coat of paint as well. The walls are going to be a bit lighter then the blue that we have now. It is a light tan color called Sesame. After we are all finished, which most likely will not be this weekend, unless I drink a case of Mountain Dew, we are going to buy a new carpet shampooer because are other one just up and quit on us, no two week notice or anything, just gone! So, the fourth was the official start date of our home improvement plans. Lots to do and we are looking forward to working together on home projects like we used to before Mary started school. We did a good job so far and we 'high-fived' each other on our work and I exclaimed, 'We're back, baby!'
So with that I leave you for now. Love to all, and to all many blessing for tomorrow.

P.S. I will post pictures of our progress soon.

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It's good to see a post! Sounds like you two are having a lot of fun with the projects. I wish I was there so you could teach me some so I could use the info on my own place! Oh well!

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