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(no subject)

It Begins.

Border is history.

How we spent our 4th of July....Sanding!

All trim sanded and ready for paint.

Painting commences.

And more painting.

Walls almost done!

Walls done and Trim begins.

As of today we have the ceiling and walls done and our first coat of paint on the trim. We sanded pretty much all the varnish off the trim so the paint should hold for years to come, at least eight until we change it again.
It is fun to have my wife back and doing projects together like we used to!
May take a break now for a few days and then after work do a window here and window there so we don't have so much on the weekend.
Post more later.
Love John.

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Wow, looking good! Sounds like a lot of fun. (In limited quantitie! Painting gets very old very quick...)

That looks like quite a change though - going from blue to that peach(?) color.

Actually it is called sesame and it is more of a tan color, but it does look almost a peach in the pictures:)

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