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Obi-Wan's Lightsaber Version; A New Hope!

I thought I'd share these pictures to show you that my Obi-Wan saber is now completed. It is not the one I still have coming from Parks Sabers, it is one I bought piece by piece from Romans Empire. He (Roman Gomez)carries everything in stock, so it only took six to seven days to get each part, that is a far cry from Parks. It is going on eight months and Parks still is not done with my order! When last we spoke, he said that they were making them now, so I would suspect that it may be another month. Of course I said that months ago. The clamp, emitter end, and the pommel end are actually from Parks Sabers, I just rigged it to fit the parts from Romans Empire. It is all solid aluminum and is fitted together with a threaded rod, a 3/8th" #16 thread to be exact. So combining all that, it has some weight to it.
It was completed on June 30th and I have been admiring it ever since. It is a beautiful piece to my collection. I thank Mary for humoring me and being so understanding, or at least, tolerant of my hobby.
May the Force of the force, by with you all.