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World of the Day.
Jumpin Jedi
I have some more pictures of our living room to post, yet not at this time because they're still in my camera. Tomorrow I'll yank them out and post them. I have just a few more trim pieces to nail up and the living room with be complete. Summer is dwindling fast and I have so much more to do. Yet reality is, that it mostly relies on money, and the living room cost a bit more then we'd planned. Things like that usually do. I will be finishing up the dining room next. There is little to do in there so that shouldn't take but a weekend.
I have one woodworking project lined up and that is my lightsaber display case. It will be stained oak wood with a glass door and lighting on the inside. I will be leaving room for additions.I called Jeff Parks today and he said that my Mark 3 assembly (Obi-Wan's saber), along with my Kobold disposable flash unit, which is the replica droid caller, are ready to ship out and that I should receive it in two weeks. Finally!! I've waited almost 9 1/2 months for that thing. It will be nice to have everything I paid for in my possession! I will be posting pictures of that piece shortly.
Have a great weekend everyone!
I Love you.