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Today is Friday! It sure felt like a long week even though I had Tuesday off. Tonight I will be relaxing with popcorn and my Sci-Fi shows, their new season started in July. Tomorrow will consist of painting and more painting. I have the entryway to the living room done, I just need to start painting the base boards. I also have to figure out what to do with the top molding pieces of the base boards. The old ones I ripped off are approximately two inches wide. I don't know if I can spend the money on that size of molding. It's amazing how expensive that stuff is. I may have to settle for a home made one. I could rip it out of some two-by-fours and router decorative edges, since two-by-fours are about two forty-nine each and I'm just going to paint them anyway. But I don't know, that is a lot of work and sanding and routering. I'm still thinking about what to do with that. It will be nice to get this done. I took a couple of weekends off, which I shouldn't have or it would have been done by now. Summer is waning away already. It is noticeably darker earlier now. I still have a few woodworking plans before the snow flies and I need to overhaul my shop because I can hardly move around in there.
Mary will be starting a home improvement project of her own. She has decided to redo the bathroom. She chose the colors and shower curtain and rugs. We also may put in a new vanity and sink to update the bathroom. So, busy is the word for this weekend. I assume it will be many busy weekends before winter comes. It's hard to believe that summer is almost done, but come what may.
Post later.
Love all of you.


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