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(no subject)
Hi, everyone. Saturday was a fun day! My parents came down from Fergus Falls. My dad brought me two thick pieces of curved glass that he thought I could make something out of, and I sure 'am thinking about it. I had a couple ideas already. My dad also helped me, or rather, I helped him fix our shower. It was completely clogged with corrosion and rusty bits of stuff. Mary and I have had to take hot showers for over a year because the cold water just trickled out. I haven't done that kind of work before so I thought it prudent to have my dad there in case I ran into a huge problem, which we didn't. My dad, as ever generous as he is, bought me my own blow torch in case I ever needed to do that sort of work again. Mary and I wanted to take them out to eat but my dad jockeyed himself in front of the line and paid for all of us. I had my check card out and he said that they don't accept those anyway. So, he pulls out his wallet and some money was sticking out of it and he says, "see, it wants to come out anyway." We just laughed. I'll have to be more aggressive next time if ever I want to pay for something. My dad has always been very generous to all of us kids, and for me, even during times I least deserved it. That is a Christ-like quality that only comes from knowing Him. I know I should make trips to go see them. They are always coming up here. I blame my laziness now, more then the gas prices.
I 'am busy out in the shop. I start my lightsaber case tomorrow and 'am in somewhat of a quandary as to how the sabers are going to be supported. I think that I will place two small dowels next to each other so that the saber rests on top. They will have a beveled top to better accept the inch and a half diameter sabers. Two dowels for each end, so a total of four dowels per shelf. The shelves will be shallow so that they set back from the glass door. This is because just inside the frame, around the entire case will be rope lighting. This light then will be able to illuminate each shelf clearly and without obstruction. I'm going to take my time, but I still don't want to work on it all week. I took October second through the sixth off of work, so with my weekends I have nine days off! I 'am very excited and I don't want the time to go too fast.
Dad, Thank You again so very much for your expertise, and for the blow torch, and for the plumbing supplies, and for the food, and for everything else.
Mom, Thank You so very much for the peanut butter cookies, and the banana bread, and for your silly and tender demeanor. It is always great to get together. I shall endeavor to make more of an effort to see more of you guys. Love all of you.
Love John.