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The dawn on the horizon of the eve of a new year.
Okay, maybe not the dawn, I slept through that. It was as we expected. This weekend is too quiet after having everyone here. It takes awhile to readjust to the norm. I got my PTO that I cashed in on Friday. I wish my paycheck was always that big! Anyway I have enough to pay off my digital camera with about 200 dollars extra. So I was thinking I may have to look for something today, make it feel like Christmas again. I don't now what was so different this year but I'm having trouble letting go of the Holiday Spirit this time.
I find myself thinking back to conversations and playing games and the jokes and the laughter. It was to me a very wonderful time. I miss it and I miss all of you. But soon the tides of life shall creep back in and the daily routine of work and chores will once again be the majority of what we do, Mary mostly school. She has and is doing so very well, almost a four point O. I'm so proud of her. She is smarter than she thinks. We cleaned the house a bit this morning and we are in the process of getting ready to go out to the stores. We plan on eating at the Magic Chopsticks in the mall. They have great Chinese food there. Somewhat better than that of the Panda Buffet.
I will enter another journal perhaps tonight and tell you guys what I got or didn't get or thought about getting. Just little things like that to keep in touch. To all that read this, may your New Year bring you peace and prosperity, happiness and joy, hopefully all that can be attained without external devices. haha.
Love, Jedi_John.

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Yes, it's hard getting readjusted back to normal life. I'm still recovering from the lack of sleep that one night! But I think I'm mostly back to normal.

It's going to be a quiet night around here, too. We might call up some friends of ours who are probably also going to have a quiet night and try to get together for dinner or something. Dunno, though.

Janine and I saw the Magic Chopsticks when we went to the mall, but we didn't try it. Maybe next time!

Happy New Year to you guys too! :)

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