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Dispaly Case Done!
Here are a few chronological pictures of my Lightsaber Display Case. I'd have to say it is the nicest thing I've built so far. This first picture is after everything was cut to size and I started to screw it together.

This is after I installed the solid oak trim pieces, one shelf at a time had to come back out, sanded, trimmed, sanded some more and reinserted.

Here's a close up of a solid oak plug I made. I had to make 62 of them!

After everything was sanded over and over again came the staining.

Next came the daunting task of installing the rope lighting around the inside frame. I had an 18 foot long rope light because the next smallest was only six feet long, not enough. I bunched up the excess lights underneath the cabinet since it sits off the floor. It is resting on the base board so the screws holding it to the wall need not carry all of it's weight.

Next came the door. I had a piece of glass specially cut for the door at Grand Forks Glass and Paint. They did an excellent job.

After the clear Liquid Nails mostly dried, I installed the door. I still have to take a razor blade and cut the excess glue out since it oozed out the front, which I meant to do. I'd hate to have that big piece of glass fall out!

Soon it will be filled with my collection after everything is cured well over night. It took two and a half days to build, working about eight hours a day for the first two days and about four or five hours today. Tomorrow I'll be out in the shop again cleaning up my mess!
Post you later.
Have a wonderful Autumn everyone!!
Love your Jedi,

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Wow, that is gorgeous. It looks really nice! Congratulations on a job well done, bet it feels great.

I hope to see it in person soon!

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