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Qui-Gon Jinn
Mary and I have been fairly busy lately. I've been working a little bit here and there in the house. Small touch ups and various things. Mary and I purchased our first BIG SCREEN TV, last weekend, a 42" plasma flat panel, and no it was not that expensive, they have really come down in price.
Ryan came by and said that it seems that every time he comes by we have something new. We laughed, mostly because he's right! But Mary and I are done now with getting everything together for the living room. We have it exactly the way that we want it. Today we bought the last purchase for the living room; window treatments. So, everything is ready for the long winter nights. We will be nestled cozy in our redesigned living room watching our BIG screen!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARK JR.! MR. SMITH NOW. HE IS TWENTY-FOUR YEARS YOUNG. ONE MORE YEAR AND HE WILL BE CONSIDERED AN ANTIQUE! For those of you who do not know, Mark is now living in Iceland! That's right, I said Iceland. He must have missed me a great deal to move to where all the Scandinavians are! Ya you betcha! Mary and I are always in amazement of his ambitions and drive to accomplish the things that he wishes to do in this life. He has always been, in my book, a remarkable young man, which is why, I'm sure, that he will go on to do remarkable things! I may of said that before, but praise is worth repeating.
Just wanted to drop a note of what we are up to and doing and to say Happy Birthday to Mark "Harken" Smith! Oh, you know you can't spell remarkable without Mark!
Love you Mark,
Your Norsky stepdad,