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(no subject)
Hello everyone.
Thanksgiving was great fun. Ryan and Nicole were over to help celebrate. I was in charge of Thanksgiving this year, my first. I went to Foodnetwork.com and used one of their menu planners. We had: Maple roasted turkey with sage butter, a turkey gravy that you make all on it's own ( I made the base for it the night before), velvety mash potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce (which didn't turn out), bacon and onion green beans, and sweet potato pie! Mary made the peanut butter bars and the stuffing! Everything was very tasty and turned out great, except the cranberry sauce, it was way too tart even with a half cup of sugar. I have to make some more recipes with fresh herbs so the ones I bought for the meal don't go to waste.
Mary is looking into working for our new 'up-and-coming' medical provider, Aurora Medical! She just got back tonight from her interview. The doctor himself called her last night at nine o'clock to set it up. He even invited her to an open house for a new doctor she might be working for! Why would someone invite you to an open house if you weren't going to get the job? I think she has it!
The only thing that Mary and I are concerned about is that Altru has a "conflict of interest" clause, where a spouse working for a competitor can't work for Altru. So, if Altru knows that Mary is now working for Aurora Medical, I wonder if I will be asked to leave. Mary is the 'bread winner' of the family and she has to do what she has to do. So I told her not to worry about it because if Altru has to let me go, then I'll just find another job. I kinda don't like it that much anymore anyway.
It could be a blessing in disguise, I hope.
Anyway, Dad and Mom were down this past weekend to bring Amy back. She spent Thanksgiving in Fergus, because I called her to late to come over here. My mind was too much on all the dishes I had to make for Thanksgiving I really was not thinking of anything else, or anyone for that matter.
I told Amy that I would have her over for another meal some other time. I don't know if I can in the next two weeks because I have inventory at work this weekend and I work all next weekend.
I pray all is well with all of you. Until next time.
May the Force of the Force be with you.....always.