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Merry Christmas to all!!
Mary and I wish everyone a safe a blessed Christmas. The state of this world is getting pretty bad. I heard that in some states they want to get rid of the word Christmas and replace it with the word, holidays (not capitalize for good reason)! Is that not the stupidest thing you've ever heard? People really want to not call Christmas, Christmas? That just boggles my mind. So in response to that I say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND CHRISTMAS AND CHRISTMAS AND CHRISTMAS!! How's that what ever states you are?
Anyway, my life at Altru may change, again. I really can't stand the warehouse anymore. Physically that is. I'm so tired of being tired all the time. I used to come home after work as a courier and have lots of energy left. Now, and my co-worker Don agrees, I'm spent of most my energy by the time I get home. Thankfully, my old courier position has recently become available and I put in my transfer notice. I still have to go through the formalities, but it's a 'no brainer' that I'll get it back. So, I will be working from 9am to 6pm again. I don't care to much for the hours but at this point anything, and I mean anything, is better than what I'm doing now! I miss the freedom of a courier. You have your duties to get done, and no one does your job but you. No one is calling in sick to make a more hectic day for you. There will be no phone to answer or walk ins to help. The work load is steady as a courier, whereas the warehouse is unpredictable. And mostly unpredictable in a bad way. I hope that I can come back to the old gang in the mail room and other couriers. I miss that bunch of people. We have a great crew there. I want to be part of that working family again. I will be patient and trusting that I will regain that position.
It is hard to believe that yet another CHRISTMAS is upon us again. We have a whole year to prepare and yet it somehow sneaks up on us every time. Mary and I are having a smaller CHRISTMAS this year. We usually go to crazy and spend way too much. CHRISTMAS is about giving, yes, but it is about our Lord and Savior foremost. Sometimes, we have be guilty in letting the giving get in the way of the receiving; receiving of the greatest gift of all; Jesus. Let not our eyes flicker away from the "One True Meaning" of this holiday, oops, I mean CHRISTMAS. Let not our hearts get muddled in the throngs of shoppers that writhe in their pursuit of bargains. And let not our spirits become dampened by the hustle and bustle of preparing meals and buying gifts and worrying if people will like them or not. Let not our burdens become heavy, for it is a time that our burdens should become light. Let every good and wonderful thing that comes down from the Father of heavenly lights be our gift this year, and every day of the years to come.
CHRISTMAS. It is, "The most wonderful time of year." Would you not agree? CHRISTMAS, for me, has always been the greatest time ever!
My memories take me to Mom and Dad's house on South 16th street. Thanks to them they have made each and every CHRISTMAS wonderful to cherish. And, now, older and a family of my own, I pass this on in some way to my own. It is a time of rejoicing, a time of remembering, a time of giving, a time of receiving, a time of forgiveness and forgiving, a time of worship and praise to God for this wonderful life, and a time for families and togetherness.
May everyone's CHRISTMAS be memorable and grand!
I'm going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Love your CHRISTMAS-JEDI, John.