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Old Job Back?
Here we are, a week before Christmas! It sure gets here fast. I have been waiting to see when I will get my interview with my former boss, Tammy Adams. I finally got a call on Friday from the HR department to set up the interview. I chose Monday morning at nine to get the ball rolling towards my eminent departure from the warehouse. I really 'am burnt out with that position and I feel fortunate and thankful that a courier position opened up this soon. I thought for sure that it would be a few more years until someone left. The person they need to replace is a woman who was trying to get on Workman's Comp. and trying to get on disability. She was doing things that were dishonest and basically mean to other employees, so they told her she can no longer work as a courier or even in the mail room. They are in the process of finding her another job. So, her job came open and Mike, another courier, asked to have it, which he did because as a current courier he has first pick of jobs. So, then my old job, the supply courier, was put up on the board.
Tammy told me before I left for the warehouse that as long as she is manager, that I could come back at anytime. She told me that if I didn't like the warehouse or found that it wasn't working out for me that I could return to that department. She still has to go through the red tape of interviewing other people for the job, but I'm pretty sure that I will win out over anyone else. It would be hard for anyone to get the job over me since I'm the guy who used to do it.
The warehouse is getting too hard on the old body. Don, my co-worker, says the same thing. He is worthless by the time he gets home. He says that he is so tired that he doesn't get anything done around the house on the week days. I find myself in the same position. I come home from a day at the warehouse and 'am too tired to really do anything significant. Weekends are the only time to really do anything major. When I was a courier, I could go to Menard's and get supplies and come home by seven pm, and still have enough energy to work until nine or even ten at night on a project. I miss having that energy during the week days. There are many other reasons I wish to leave the warehouse. Most of it is politics. Our manager seems to ignore the warehouse, yet caters to the storeroom. We always are getting the short end of the stick. I've been there now for one year and two months and she has only had one, repeat, one team meeting with us. Your supposed to have a meeting with your employees once a month!
So, it will be nice to go back to my old job. Yeah, I know, it's another lateral move but my options at Altru are limited and other jobs around Grand Forks don't start out paying what I make now. The benefits are good and paid time off is the best at Altru than anywhere else I've ever worked.
I'm looking forward to having the nice pace and being in charge of my own duties every day. The courier job is actually a laid back job.
The warehouse is hectic and unpredictable. Like Don said once, 'a guy can't catch a break, it's just never-ending.'
Couple that with a boss that doesn't even do anything about problems in the department, makes for a stressful job.
I hope and pray that I will get back to my old job post haste!
Talk to you later,