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Jumpin Jedi
I'm very thankful today as I sit in my cozy office. I was offered my old job back today at 1pm! I'm very excited to be returning to that position and to the old gang. I'm very pleased to be part of Tammy's team again. She is a very good manager and really listens to what you have to say and is very understanding. My current boss basically is none of those things.
As I suspected, I will be held over for one month in the warehouse to allow time for the 'new guy' to get his bearings. It will be quite a long month for me. I will be working one more weekend and that will be my last. I work this Christmas day, and that will be my last holiday I will have to work! Never in my life have I worked on Christmas day! That will be strange.
I can't wait to start the courier again. As I stated before, I'm tired of being tired all the time! Today was no exception. We had another person call in "sick" and Don and I had to work short handed, and on a freight day too! We both were exhausted by three o'clock.
Thanks for reading. I'll post more later. I've got plans to make.
Love, John.

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Hey congratulations on getting the courier job back! Bet that's a load off. Even if it does take a month to get around to it, it'll be nice when it happens.

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