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Christmas Eve!
Merry Christmas! I hope everyone will be enjoying this most holy of holidays. Mary and I are busy getting the food ready this afternoon. We are doing things a little differently this year since I have to work tomorrow, bummer. We are having mostly 'finger food' today. We have the little smokey's in barbecue sauce, tortillas with cream cheese and chili peppers, some homemade chip dip, barbecued buffalo wings that we will dip in ranch dressing, and some dried beef and cream cheese wrapped around a pickle. After some finger food we will be playing games at the table and enjoying each others company, Ryan and Nicole are going to be here today and tomorrow. At about seven or so we will then open gifts. Tomorrow I will go to work at six-thirty and come back around noon, so not a really long day, thankfully. We will have our 'formal' meal of the spare ribs and cheese potatoes like we did at Mom and Dad's. Then play more games and watch the computer animated film Cars. So we are splitting up the Christmas over the two days, gifts and finger food today and big meal, movie and games tomorrow. It will be fun.
May this season bring all of you peace and joy. Let all of us rejoice at what our Savior has done!
Merry Christmas!
Love your Christmas Jedi, John.