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My slow leave.
My current boss tried to schedule me for a weekend, weeks after my last day in her department. She said nothing to me about this weekend and never even asked me if I would be willing to work it, she just put me on the schedule and left it at that. The way I found out about it was when the schedule came out and from my co-workers. I waited for awhile, through Christmas even, and still I was never approached about working that weekend. So, finally I went to the Human Resources Department and talked to our 'generalist' and told her what was going on. I said that I don't want to work in that department after the 19th of January, because my current boss is withholding me for a month already. I felt that scheduling me on that weekend and not even asking me about it was a little sneaky. The HR person said that she completely understands and that I should go to my boss and say, look, I'm done on the 19th of January and I'm counting on that being my last day so I will not be working that weekend for you. So, that's exactly what I did. My boss just said, well I kinda thought you wouldn't but thanks anyway. At least I didn't have to argue with her. It feels good to know that my last and final day in that wretched place will be over soon. My boss is a nice lady, but as a manager she has very much been found wanting.
I will have one training day, not that I really need it, but there are some additions to the job that I didn't have when I was doing it, so I don't know where to go are when to pick up. But that will only take a day to learn, if that, and I will be back in business.
Wish all of you a Happy New Year.
We can still say that, can't we?