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New Years Weekend
Ben Kenobi
Mark and Janine made it in last night. Janine was the first to arrive because Mark's flight was bumped back to a later flight, so he did not arrive until about ten thirty. Ryan and Nicole were the ones driving back and forth to Fargo. Mary and I really appreciated that. We were asleep when Mark came home, which wasn't until one or one thirty in the morning. I was very tired and plus I read my book I got for Christmas, HOUSE, by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker, which made me even more tired.
Happy New Year to all. We may be having some more finger food for New Years, unless I can find something on Food network again, however I don't really want to go through a big deal this time like I did for Thanksgiving. Mary and I don't really celebrate New Years anyway so we may find it to be a challenge to figure out what to do. I'm sure we will eat and play games all night. Game will be fun with the six of us.
Mark and Janine will be opening their presents tomorrow night, so I'll have some more pictures of them.
Have a great holiday weekend.
Love, John.