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(no subject)
Well, it's after the new year and all is well, so far. I've been busy using a software program called StyleXP, which reconfigures your windows appearance. It has many styles to choose from and it's nice to have a different look than the limited styles that windows offers.
Today Mark helped me with our wireless internet router. It was not encrypted so other people were using our internet connection! Now, no one except us can log on our wireless router. Thanks Mark!
Our New Years was fun. We all were together and played games and ate good food until the New Year arrived. We all laughed and joked for some time. Mary and I did not get to bed until almost three am. Janine flew back home this morning and is now back in San Fransisco. Mark's flight is heading out on Saturday. Amy's flight is the same day so Mary and I are going to stay in Fargo until her flight comes in and take her back to GF. We are going to use some of our Christmas gifts to pass the time. Mary will bring her Gameboy Advance and a book, and I'm bringing my book and the gift I got from Mark, an iPod nano! It is a thin media player with 4 gigabytes of storage, or, roughly will hold one thousand songs! I have 872 songs on there as of now. Of course that includes whole albums.
Everything is very good here. We all had a wonderful time. I wish it wasn't just once a year. But each of our lives has certain demands, like work and day-to-day stuff that garnish our time and attentions. But at least we have this moment, that is currently being played out to be together. Soon it will be time to say goodbye until a years past, where all will repeat itself making everything good again.
Hope your New Year is full of blessings and good health and wealth.
Love, John.