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Back from the Store.
Boy, it was kinda busy out there today. I'm sure everyone is getting ready for their New Years Eve parties. Mary and I just rented movies as usual. We got Ewen McGregor in 'The Island' and a romantic comedy called 'Must Love Dogs'.
I didn't buy all that much. Mary used the money my mom and dad gave her to buy a Trace Adkins CD. She loves the song 'Honky Tonk Badonkydonk' or something like that. I like that one too.
I bought a Christian fiction book by my favorite author of all time, Frank Peretti. The title of the book is 'Monster'.
It's about a man and wife out camping and a huge grizzly bear runs off with the man's wife! He now has to try and save her. So he sets out with a band of friends and soon realizes that they are also being hunted.
I like the saying on my book marker, it's a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. It's etched into the stainless steel reading, "'Tis the good reader that makes a good book."
Mark, I had to get the DVD of the Family Guy's special 'Stewie Griffin, The Untold Story'. Now my collection is complete.
I also bought Star Wars ROTS Episode 3 on DVD even though I have that in my computer, the quality is not that favorable. But that's all I got for now. I almost got the video game 'F.E.A.R.' but decided that I have way too many games that are sitting here unfinished.
I think when my Ultimate Saber Kit arrives I will put a section in the Scrapbook of just lightsabers. A gallery of the ones I purchase for my collection and the ones I make from stratch for fun. At Best Buy they have some from Master Replicas. They are terrible! Parks Sabers is undoubtedly thee most authentic and high quality I've seen out there. I believe I made the best choice going with Parks. Plus the guy is a christian and has dedicated his lightsaber business to Jesus. There is a bold and unapologetic statement right on his website, I enjoy knowing that my fellow Jedi and lightsaber provider is a believer as well. If one thinks about it, there are many similarities between Jedi's and Christains. But that is too in depth for this entry. I have a personal journal on my laptop were I go into more detail on that subject. I'm up to fifteen points of similarities. I'm wishing all of you a safe and prosperous New Year.
Love, Jedi_John.