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(no subject)
I worked my last weekend! From now on it's just M-F. I tried to set up a voice post and it's letting me make the recording and it says that it will post it soon, however it never shows up on my journal. I have the settings down right, and it says to 'call the number nearest you', which is Minneapolis for me. So as soon as I get that figured out you guys can listen to voice posts and I will be able to post pictures from my phone as well. I think that is a cool feature because if I was out and about and took a picture with my phone, I could post it and share it right away with everybody. Well, I'm going back to see how this stuff works. It shouldn't be that hard, I followed all the directions. Maybe their idea of soon is longer than mine.

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I see two voice posts from you! Go to http://jedi-john.livejournal.com/ ...they're under your most recent entry (this one).

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