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(no subject)
I seem to still be having issues with my posting. I was able to view my posts immediately after posting it to my journal. Now, it doesn't show up unless I hit the refresh button. It doesn't even load the current posts if I log out, get off the net completely, then log back in. I still have to go and hit the refresh button to get the latest posts, not just mine but the latest posts from Mark and Janine, those will not show up on my MyLJ unless I hit refresh. I wonder if it is loading the page from my cache or something and not really from the site? I don't know really, that is just a guess. It's not that bothersome, however it is an extra step.

Okay, this is a random picture I posted to see if the link was back to normal. I guess you guys fixed it! That's great. I'm sure Janine singlehandedly saved the day for me. I spoke to my dad tonight after I made my first legitimate voice post. He is thinking of getting a new computer. The one he has is eight years old and only has 64MB RAM and a 5GB hard drive! It's no wonder he is having issues with it. He is looking at a Dell. It has 1GB of RAM, 17" flat panel monitor, and a 160GB, I think, hard drive, and is Vista compatible. But it is kind of expensive, I told him he could wait until Dell has a sale. I know that they have deals from time to time on desktops for only 300 dollars. The specs are less then the one he is looking at but the only thing he using it for is email, the word processor, and pictures, so he could get away with one that is not quite that souped up.
Well, I off to go relax. I'm sure that if I want to view this entry I'll have to refresh it.
Good night all.