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(no subject)
Well, I think I just somehow lost my entry! I was typing a post this morning and I don't know what button I pushed, I thought the Enter key, and suddenly I lost the whole entry. It didn't post it so I didn't hit that button. Shoot.
Okay, I think all my problems lately have been user error! I'll be more careful this time around. As I was typing before I lost everything, I was up early today on my day off, 6:30 am. My phone rang around that time and it was Altru, no doubt someone called in sick and they want me to work. No chance of that happening, I already work five days this week and I'm coming off the weekend, which was no fun.
So, since I was up I've already cleaned the whole house, vacuumed, made the bed, took the garbage out, cleaned out the fridge of left overs from the holidays, did the dishes, and did two loads of laundry, whew! I was done with all that at 10:30 am.
So, now the rest of the day I will spend reorganizing my office, put different wallpaper and ring tones on my cell phone, blast some iTunes, and just do some fun stuff. Chores are mostly done so play time is next. I was thinking about changing my Livejournal look, since I 'am basically done with the whole lightsaber thing. I've collected about as much as I can get, plus it is a spendy hobby. I have most of the major sabers anyway, realistically I can't have the collections like those I've seen on the net, I don't have that kind of resources.
But then again I like Star Wars, they are wholesome movies, and I like the character of Obi-Wan so maybe I'll keep it for awhile longer, who knows.
Have a great day everyone.