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Weekend ending.
Well, there is only one more day of this three day weekend left. They always go too fast. Mary and I went out shopping again after we ate at La Campana. Spicy food warmed us up nicely. We hit Gordmans, Best Buy, Target, and Office Max. I bought Mary and myself a trackball mouse for our computers. Mary likes it a lot but I think I might exchange mine for one where the ball is on the side. The ones we got have the ball right in the middle and I don't find it very comfortable. Of course the one I want is more expensive. It is a direct result of seeing Janine using hers on her laptop, I must confess. Mary went to Dell and almost bought a laptop of her own but didn't feel right about it while in our current financial status. Once our dinning room table and chairs are paid off she'll look more seriously at getting one.
I shouldn't be going through this, but I feel like a kid with this extra money I cashed in. It's burning a hole in my pocket. There are some camera accessories that I may get tomorrow, like a small table top tripod, and a lens care kit. Those two things aren't that expensive. I think I'll spend more of it on Mary too. I noticed that her shower radio only has one speaker that works, plus we never use the CD player on it.
I think all this is just my way of trying to hold onto Christmas a little longer even though that's not what Christmas is about. It's still fun though. I was thinking that if those ants aren't gone, once my lightsabers arrive I could take care of that for you;) I hope my entries aren't too boring. As Mark would say there just "Random" stuff.
I hope Ryan is okay from his New Years Eve parties. I guess they had a rehearsal on Friday.
I hope tomorrow goes slowly. Sometimes a four day week feels just as long as a full one. I like my job a lot, the guys there are great to work with and funny to boot.
So the rest of tonight should entail nothing but laptop goodness and TV nonsense.
May the Force be with you all, and to all a goodnight. Post ya later.
Love, Jedi_John.