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Day's End.
The day is winding down, and my day off is almost over:( I did get a bunch of stuff done though. My office didn't take that long to organize. Mostly my file cabinet was a mess so I got that in order, dusted a bit then made sure everything was straightened. No I'm not anal. I just like to have my office neat and my electronics in good condition, plus I need a clean organized space to showcase my iPod.
Mary and I caught an old movie last night, The Last Starfighter. I haven't seen that one in years. It was too late to watch it so we'll have to rent it some day. I was trying to remember parts of it during the opening sequence, and had to laugh at how far off I was on the chronology of it.
Mary's first day at Aurora was long, almost twelve hours, but she came home smiling and in a good mood because it was such a better atmosphere than that of Altru. The doctor's are super and treat everyone well. This week will be almost twelve hour days for her because the doctor she is working for flies in from California to see patients once a month, and on those days it will be very hectic. But the remaining three weeks will be calmer. She has to work this coming Sunday, also twelve hours but she will only work those once a month as well.
All of the laundry is done! Now I can wear pants to work. I was getting a little cold this week.
My sister Kathy gave Mary and I 100 dollars for staying and picking up Amy. That is just ridiculous, especially when we were already there to drop Mark off. I think that I will save it and buy Amy something for next Christmas, because I'm sure Kathy will not except it back. I told her on the phone before hand to not send any money with Amy. But after Amy let our house on Sunday she placed a letter from Kathy on the coffee table and I found it after I got home from work. Mary was at work as well after she dropped Amy off at the sorority house.
The note inside the letter was from Kathy, hand written, and stating how much she appreciates the thing we do for Amy, not just this year but last year too. I still don't think we've done enough to desire that kind of money, so I will have to be clever on how to return it.
I just did a voice post. Mom and Dad can ignore it, it's just for fun.
Have a great night all!