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Count down.
Today marked the last time that I will have to do 'warehouse lowers' unless someone calls in sick next week. 'Warehouse lowers' is a job description were you stay in the warehouse all day and deliver all supplies that are to be delivered to the departments in the basement. I don't like that job because it keeps you in the warehouse all day and there is a time where the other guys are on their deliveries and you are stuck there alone for up to two hours doing all the work, which at times can get overwhelming for one person. So, hopefully today was the last. I'm on 'warehouse uppers' tomorrow, which is where, you help in the warehouse until 1 pm and then you go upstairs and deliver supplies for sixth through second floor. At least I'll be out of the warehouse for awhile. On Friday, it will be my last time working upstairs in the receiving department with Randy. I never did mind that job, though there are trying times with that one as well. Then it's the weekend! Which, by the way, I have off. Christmas will be boxed up and put away for another year, though not in my heart. Next week I will embark on my last week of employment in the warehouse! I have Tuesday off, but go in and train on my old/new job to see what the new additions are, then on the following Monday I will be flying solo and be back right where I feel happier. I'm looking forward to having more energy and not having to get up so early everyday. Sometimes that gets old, especially if you catch a 'second wind' in the evening and don't feel like going to bed. I think that I will start to read more books now, like I used to, since I can stay up later. I don't know why but the nine to six shift fits me better.
They are showing episodes of Star Trek Voyager on TV again. I really miss that show. After TNG, Voyager is my next favorite. If the DVD's weren't so expense, that is one series I'd love to have in our collection. All the Star Trek series are priced so much higher than other TV shows, i.e. if I wanted to buy the entire series of Voyager it would cost me over 700 dollars! I can't justify that. As much as I'd like to see 7 of 9 on a nightly basis, I can't shell out that many clams. Now, my other favorite TV show is Stargate Atlantis, and their prices are reasonable, about 35-38 dollars per season. You get twenty episodes and some extras. The money I got for Christmas from Mom and Dad will go towards this. It will be released on March 6th, I think. So, I guess it will be a birthday present too.
My Mom's birthday is on the 14th of this month, I can't forget to send her a card or something like that. I seem to 'space out' stuff like that. I tried once to keep up on the card thing one year and didn't make it.
Well, I'm going to go and do the crossword puzzle and relax for the coming work day tomorrow.
Good night my family, good night.