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House Movie
I was just reading online a few blog threads at teddekker.com. He is the co-author along with Frank Peretti of my current book, House. House is going to be made into a movie, and one of the blogs was all about Ted fighting for a PG-13 rating, because apparently the motion picture association wants to give it an R rating. Now, I never thought that I would ever hear that a Christian movie would be getting an R rating. I know long time ago there was this Christian band called, Degarmo & Key, their two last names, and they had a video about the end times where they showed an 'evil' guy getting set on fire. It was a brief screen shot and they didn't extrapolate on it any further. But MTV, at the time, was showing all kinds of crap from secular bands and told Degarmo & Key's agent that MTV cannot play the video because it was too violent. As time went on MTV did eventually start playing more Christian music, but it was usually countered with some snide remark before they introduced them.
It was funny to read that some Christians really were hoping for an R rating, which I don't get. Their rational is that it would cause controversy so people would go out and see it to see what all the hub bub was about. But that tactic is done all too often with secular movies. I don't think it wise to start pushing the envelope with God. If their stories get too 'dark' then the light will not be seen by the audience.