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Well, I lucked out today at work. I was scheduled for the 'warehouse uppers' and the lady that worked with us from the storeroom asked if I'd switch with her so that she would do the 'uppers' and I would do 'distribution'. Of course, I said yes. That means that yesterday, then was my last day doing the 'warehouse' type jobs. All next week, which is my last week, I'm scheduled for 'distribution', unless someone calls in sick. Tomorrow marks the last time that I will be up in receiving. It will be a might cold there, especially when the trucks back up and open the doors to unload.
This weekend I'm off, and the Christmas decorations are coming down. Another round of house cleaning and Mary and I will sit down and watch the two DVD's I got for Christmas, I Robot and Lady in the Water by M. Night Shyamalan. I've been enjoying my Star Trek episodes about Q.
John de Lancie does such an excellent job as Q. Those episodes are always funny. My book, House, is good. I still don't see what would garner an R rating for the movie, though I have not gotten to the end yet.