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I think I was frost bitten at work today. I was up in receiving, where the garage doors kept opening as drivers dropped off their wares. I had my jacket on for half my shift.
This morning my truck wouldn't start, due to the fact that I forgot to plug it in last night. It was seven am and I was outside pulling Mary's car closer to mine because the jumper cables weren't long enough, finally hooking them up to the appropriate terminals, then subsequently touching the two grips on the other end shooting sparks everywhere. I started my truck on the first turn of the key, and off I went to the arctic receiving dock.
Now, home in the warmth of my wife's company, playing her Nintendo Gameboy, I stand on the precipice of the weekend. What wonders will be in store for me, my curious self implores?
Probably nothing, my realistic self counters. I know it's too cold to really go do anything but I stated in other entries about house chores and taking down the decor, so that will take some time. I think that I will be making a more organized play list for my iPod, instead of just throwing a bunch of CD's on it. Mary has to work a twelve hour shift on Sunday, so I'll use that as a 'me time'. I'm sure I'll spend it in my office. I love having a cozy, comfortable place to relax, to seclude myself with the things I enjoy.