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(no subject)
Since Mary was at work for pretty much the entire day, I watched Lord of the Rings on the surround sound and cranked it. I hadn't seen that movie in quite awhile, and enjoyed it all over again. I'm off on Tuesday so while Mary is at work, I'll throw in LOTR The Two Towers. I'm not watching the extended versions, instead I'm watching the original theater releases, mostly because they aren't as long.
I just got done making cinnamon carmel rolls at Mary's request. All I have to do now is pop them in the oven right before she gets home. They are one of our favorites. I tried calling my mom tonight but the line was busy, no doubt the other kids are chatting, so I decided to post. I originally had my training day on Tuesday with Mike, but he has been pulled to cover another job so my training day will be on Monday the 22nd, my first official day back. This means that I only have four days left in Mordor, I mean the warehouse. Actually Tom dose sort of look like an Orc. Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone. I, of course, 'am thoroughly enjoying my weekends off. I bought a new World War 2 video game, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault. It is very well put together and it really draws you into the story. It is based on actual accounts, basically, and even has live footage of the real Pearl Harbor after the attacks, and actual recordings of FDR addressing the nation on Dec. 8th 1941. So, it's very interesting as well to play. I started last night and had to go through boot camp to learn the controls, which are basically the same as all other games so it was easy to pick up.
Well, I'm going to call mom again, post later.
Good Night all.