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(no subject)
Salutations. Work went well and I now have only three days left! I have tomorrow off. Not quite sure what to do. Maybe laundry and LOTR again:P
Home projects need to be planned, I could do that. There is only two little strips of trim that need paint in the living room, and of course our bathroom just needs a few more surfaces painted that I could do now. Plans for this coming summer center around the outside appearance of our house. I'm not too sure if we are going to paint the whole house, but I will have to get started on the area of the house were the tree fell on it. It's been like that for some time now. I guess I'm hesitating because it's going to be quite a job and possibly last most of the summer.
Tonight there are four episodes of Star Trek Enterprise on SciFi. I'll watch those and go to bed. I finally got a hold of my mom this evening to wish her a Happy Birthday. She is seventy-seven years young! Both my parents do not look their age. I hope I'm the same way.
I can tell by the dogs that Mary is home! What a ruckus!
Gotta Blast!