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Two Days.
I'm back home from a hectic day in the warehouse. It was freight day today and that's always a busy day. The poor guys up in receiving didn't get their 'white sheets'. White sheets refer to a listing of what is on each pallet. So Randy and Tom had to go off of the original sheets which do not break it down like that. They basically have to look at the reference number on a box, then page through the entire listing to find it. That takes forever. Don had a funeral to do to today, but luckily we were not short handed as I'd feared. I guess all in all it wasn't a bad day, just busy. So, Wednesday is done, leaving just Thursday and Friday! Only two more days to go.
On my day off yesterday I went and got my oil changed in my truck. The guy said that my little Chevy S-10 has great oil pressure, so that's good to hear. The guy also noticed that I had an Altru parking sticker and offered me a ten percent discount, so the oil change cost about twenty-six dollars. I got ready to leave and was about to pull out of the parking lot, when I went to turn on the radio, and found that I had no radio knob. It was there when I went in. So I parked in the lot and looked around my truck and couldn't find it. I thought, 'I bet they vacuumed it up.' I returned and told them that my radio knob was missing and that they had to have knocked it off and then sucked it up with the vacuum. They looked around a bit, then finally someone went down stairs to check the vacuum bag and sure enough there it was. It was returned to me apologetically, and much dustier.
That was pretty much my excitement for the day. The rest of the day was spent getting new shoes and pants for the courier position on Monday. I'll miss getting off anywhere between three and four, but I certainly will not miss the job.
Have a great evening everyone.