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One Day!
As the subject line indicates, I have one day left in the warehouse. Thank you all for putting up with my count down. I'm excited to be starting back in my old job. It isn't a promotion, of course, but nevertheless it is a positive move. I have not liked the warehouse for some time. I think I enjoyed approximately two months in the beginning, and that was it.
Mark, it is great to hear that you are starting on your journey working for CCP. I still have my phone and computers set to the EVE online motif. I may never really play the game, for as you know, I'm not partial to that type of interaction, probably the 'loner' in me.
As the Music line indicates, I recently started to play Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind. Since it is an older game I was able to buy it with all of it's expansion packs for just twenty dollars. It ripped the music to my hard drive so I've been listening to the music for a couple of days now. I really enjoy it. It is very melodic and soothing to me. I wished my Medal of Honor game did the same thing as the previous MOH game did, that was some good music too and quite a bit of it as well. In this preparation period, as you get ready to leave for Iceland, I wish you well and good hunting, my son. I will keep you in my mind and prayers until your return to the states, and as I always do. I just wanted you to know that my heart and your mother's heart will go with you. And I wanted to say something that my dad prayed when I was leaving my parents care; "..and even though we may be separated by miles, we will always be close, because we love one another." I would like to pass that on to you now.
I know the time is getting close for you to leave, so I wanted to get that out before I forgot/became too late.
Love your JeDADi John.