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0 days!
Finally the month I was held over in the warehouse has come to an end today. I felt that I was never going to get out of there during that months time. But alas it arrived.
It was bitter-sweet today though. Shaking hands and having people tell me that they really enjoyed working with me and saying that they're sad to see me leaving the department, made me very misty. But, brighter days lie ahead, this I know. Monday will be a strange day for me. Back where I started, again. I really love the courier position though. It is a wonderful job where your not tied down to a phone or area. You have freedom to do the job the way that works for you and your not stuck in a room with your coworkers where moods sometimes swing and nerves periodically spread thin. You have down time throughout the day, and mostly your alone, I really like that. For me, not having a degree or anything like that, it is the best place to be, I feel.
Anyway, I will truly miss the day-to-day joking and practical jokes with Tom, Don, and Randy. They are a great bunch of guys to work with, one of the best I've worked with in quite some time.
This weekend will be just the usual suspects; chores and the like, groceries, and perhaps a movie on Saturday night. So nothing exciting there.
Have a great weekend everyone.