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Pictures, photos, pics, moments frozen in time.
Boy did I have a heck of a time trying to organize my pictures. I uploaded almost two hundred pics and at first, I don't know why, I put them all as unsorted and unlinked. So I went in afterwards and tried to link them up, but to now avail. I tried every which way from Sunday and I couldn't get them to preview in my gallery. So, what I did was to delete the gallery completely, recreate it, then upload all those pics back in except this time directly into the gallery titled Christmas 2005. That did it. All my pics were there and viewable. I download a client to manage my uploads so I can now upload multiple pics at a time. It made it so much more easier, plus it was recommended. I really do enjoy this journaling and the Scapbooking. Since my account is forever, relatively forever, I'll be posting until I'm more grey then I 'am now.
I perused the pics once they uploaded correctly, and I miss the times we shared. I love the great fun we have when we are all together. To reiterate from a previous post, our time of games, movie watching, joking and laughing was tremendous fun. And now the evening is quiet and non-eventful. Some that is nice I guess, but it seems too still and calm. The dogs also seem to know that something is different. Sammy and Raven just lay around and sleep more. I think they miss all the company they had while we were at work.
Mary and I are just lounging around tonight. There is nothing on TV, imagine that. It is soon bedtime.
I'll sign off now, so until next time..... ..... ... .... .... ... ... .. . . . .. .. . . .
Love, Jedi_John


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