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Weekend Bargains
There was some pretty good deals at JC Penny's today. They were having a three day sale, so we went and got some more clothes for me and Mary got two pairs of shoes. She got a sixty dollar pair of shoes for seventeen dollars and another for the same price. I got two pairs of pants, brown and tan, a belt, a new wallet, since my old one was mutilated by the markers, pens, and box cutter I had to use at work in the warehouse, and new socks, and a another pair of shoes. I also found an iPod case at Walmart for just ten bucks. Most of the cases I've seen were twenty-five to thirty dollars so this was a bargain. I'm in the process of retrofitting it with a belt clip.
Anyway, not that that is so exciting to anyone, but I like to post to LJ so excuse the boring posts from time to time. I should try and get Mary to post more often too. We got these accounts as a gift and I think we should use it.
Tonight we are watching a couple of movies. The usual, one action packed for me, and one more light and silly for Mary. They are; The Covenant, which seemed pretty cool to me, about a group of guys that have powers until a former member comes back and starts to take the other members powers away for his own personal gain, so of course, he needs to be stopped. I don't know much more about it, I may have to type a retraction on this tomorrow. And Mary's movie is; The Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep plays the head of a fashion business and is really mean to her new assistant, played by Anne Hathaway. I would assume that by the end of the movie there will be some sort of object lesson. I'm sure it will be that Meryl's character will learn not to be such a prude and treat others with respect and dignity. But, again, I haven't seen it yet. Retraction tomorrow.
Just wanted to say something today before we turn in for the evening. Love all of you. Have a great Saturday evening and weekend.