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Aurora Tour.
I forgot to post about my tour of Aurora medical on Saturday. Mary took me to Aurora to show me where she works. It was a very nice place and quite a bit bigger than I had imagined. They are still in the process of building certain areas, so we went exploring around the building. There was hardly anyone there so we went everywhere, upstairs and meeting rooms. Some areas we didn't go in because they were still under construction. That was the first time Mary had a chance to go around and look at the place too, so it was a first for her as well. They really have an elegant look with a color scheme that is calm and relaxing, I'm sure that was by design, having the patients in mind. So, now when I talk to her on the phone I can better picture her, or if she is telling me of procedures and the like, I'll know where things are taking place.
Tomorrow I start my old courier job. Mike will show me the new ropes and then on Tuesday I'll be on my own. It will be great to sleep in until eight. I remember back when I had that job the first time, I really enjoyed the hours, even if I'm there until six. It seemed to me that those hours were perfect because I naturally like to stay up a bit later and get up a bit later. I think that was a big key to having more energy for me as well. I'm looking forward to settling back in to the old van and having the freedom I once had, not to mention the old gang. My boss came in the warehouse on Friday and gave me a thumbs up and said quietly, "it's your last day!" She just wanted to know if I was ready for Monday and what to expect, of course I did. She is very happy that I'll be back so they aren't short handed anymore.
So, anyway, it has finally come. The long month in the warehouse is over, and I feel a sense of relief to be back.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, everyone.