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First Day Back.
EVE Planets
Today was so fun! It wasn't hectic at all and it was actually kinda peaceful, even though we had work to do. It was also a strange feeling to be training in on a job that I'm so familiar with and yet some parts were new that I've never done before. All the old faces welcomed me back, and some new ones saying, nice to meet you. I'm solo tomorrow, of course, and look forward to getting situated in my new/old job.
I know one thing that absolutely has to be done tomorrow, and that is clean the inside of that van! Mike told me, rather sheepishly, that he had a confession to make. He said that he has never cleaned the van. I responded with; yeah, I noticed that. There's old candy wrappers and used toothpicks in the cup holders and a frozen bottle of Mountain Dew rolling around the dash, so I picked it up and said, are you going to drink this? He said no, and I threw it in the trash, which is right there between the seats. And layers of dust everywhere. I honestly cannot work in that environment. Throughout the day, I kept throwing bits and pieces away, so I wouldn't have as much to do tomorrow. It really needs a good cleaning if Mike said that he never has cleaned it. That would mean that it hasn't been cleaned for over one year and three months! Yuk! Sterilization crews at the ready!
I was also surprised at how fast the day went. So, all around it was a great day just as I'd expected. I'm home now and I don't even feel tired, whereas, the warehouse left me exhausted.
I'll be in touch. Everyone have a great rest of the day and night.

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That's cool that you're getting back in the groove so easily. I'm sure you'll run into something weird or different, or you'll remember the bits that made you want a change, but hey - it sounds like it'll go well.


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