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Solo Day.
Jumpin Jedi
Yes, I agree with Ryan, it is a wonderful day! For me it was my first solo day back in the saddle. I remembered almost everything, even the new stuff, right from the get-go. It was so peaceful than the warehouse, I was out in the brisk air and sun shine, driving around campus delivering various items. I spent all of my free time cleaning the van of the filth inside. I brought my own cleaning supplies from home and went in forty minutes early to get a good start. I feel better putting my open can of Dew in the cup holder now. I also took the van and got a car wash, then of course, it snowed the rest of the day on my clean exterior. Oh well. It was so nice to have KFNW and Q107 on, instead of the eight's heavy metal that Tom blared in the warehouse. So, instead of going on and on, I'll just say that I'm doing something that is very fun and it is such a relaxing job. I love it. Freedom, freedom, freedom.
Everyone, have a great night.