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Another Wonderful Day.
I sure feel thankful. It took one year and three months in heck to really make me understand that this courier position I now hold, once again, is the best job in the county. It is peaceful, relaxing, and fun. All the people I get to converse with again is great. I think I've heard; "Wow, I haven't seen you in forever. Where've you been?", about a hundred times already. And, of course, there are some new faces to get to know as well. It seems that people know me before I know who they are. It's happened several times over the years, where someone who just started walks by me and says, Hi, John. I honestly have no clue as to who they are, and it boggles me for a moment that they know my name and I've never met them before. But, I suppose we all are a close knit group around campus.
Not much on the boob tube tonight so I think that I will put together my "goody bag" like I had before. Now, though, I have an iPod Nano to add to the mix, sweet!
Mary is sure enjoying her new laptop. Her other computer was so slow and even after installing our store bought Windows XP on there it never really did recover from Compaq's configuration. It was so easily bogged down with simple tasks it was really frustrating for her to even do anything on it. She'd click on something and she'd have to wait and wait for it to load up. We both think that it's a RAM issue but never put any more in it. That doesn't matter now, she has a very nice Toshiba laptop with 80Gig hard drive, 512RAM, ATI video card, and a free upgrade to the new Windows operating system, Windows Vista. The screen on it is much bigger than mine, a wide screen, I think. Mine is more squared.
Well, gotta blast.