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My first week.
Salutations my family members! My first week back as a courier was excellent. I've been having a ball walking through the warehouse as my former coworkers were toiling away at freight and orders with a big grin on my face. Don't miss that place one bit, the people, yes but not the job. Today went well despite a shaky start. After my shower this morning, feeling clean and refreshed, I subsequently stepped in dog puke exiting the bathroom with bare feet. I got to work and was going to go in, only to find that I didn't bring my name badge, so I couldn't get into any of the doors, (they all have electronic security locks that our name badges can scan open). So I had to ask someone close by to let me in, which they graciously did. The bill collection route I did today takes me right by the house, so I was able to stop home and pick up my name badge. I couldn't imagine living in a big city and doing that.
Mary wants to start on a bowling league with her friend from work, so we are going bowling tomorrow at one o'clock and I'll practice with her. Her friend and boyfriend are going to meet us there. Should be fun. Tomorrow night, I think, we are going to watch the movie, Rescued or The Rescue, or something like that, with Kevin Cosner and Ashton Kutcher. It looks really good. I won't type a retraction for the other two movies we watched last weekend, they both were pretty much what I expected.
A funny thing happened to me as I was playing Morrowind for the first time. I went into a pawn shop to see if I could trade or buy some items for my character, Jonah. I wasn't familiar with the controls that well and inadvertently and unwittingly and un-noticeably, undressed my character completely. I left the store thinking that I would return another day. I walked down the street a ways and entered another building, this time a wizard's shop, I think. The guy behind the counter took one look at me and said, "Cover yourself my good man!" It was then I took a closer look at my character and noticed that he was without apparel. Oops.
Another thing, in the game, that happened to me is that you are able to pick up certain items that are just laying around. I was in a bar and there was this towel on the counter top, so I picked it up. Suddenly all the other patrons in the bar yell, "What are you doing?" and then started to beat the crap out of me! I have a few more lessons to learn in that cyber world, I guess. I think things like that are more fun then what is supposed to happen in a game.
Tonight we are just lounging around after a week of work. I wish all a very pleasant tonight and tomorrow.