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(no subject)
Hello everyone! Mary and I are back from shopping around and our bowling rounds. We met Tracy and Todd at one-thirty this afternoon. Todd and I started out really shaky. I bowled a 77 and he bowled a 70. Mary bowled a 120 and Tracy a 122. So, the girls kicked our butts. Todd and I did better the second time around. He bowled a 118 and I bowled a 102. Yay, I broke a hundred! We said our goodbyes and left to see if we could rent our movie, which was completely out, the name of it is: The Guardian, not the rescue as I stated before, I just couldn't remember at the time of that post and I didn't feel like looking it up.
The guy behind the counter said that it is a very hot movie right now, so we just ran out and bought it for sixteen dollars at Best Buy. As we were in there, Mary noticed that the laptop that she bought last weekend went down 100 more dollars! I ran and asked the lady if they would do an adjustment, she said yes but it had to be done today because today is the last day for that sale. We ran back home to get Mary's receipt where I ran a stop sign, or rather did not come to a complete stop, and a cop just happened to be right there and started to follow me. I was almost home! A matter of fact I was parked in my own driveway when he gave me the ticket! I didn't think that they could do that, but. So, I got a ticket for seventy dollars! I looked at him and said, "Seventy dollars! Is that the bottom fee or what?" He said yes. He also, at the beginning, wouldn't let me out of my own truck! I told him I'm on my own property! He told me to get back in my truck! I think the guy was looking for a quota to fill if you ask me. So, I think that I will send him ten dollars a month for seven months. Ha, ha. I still want to check in to if he was allowed to still ticket me, even thought I was back home when he pulled up. I don't know. So there is where our refund is going thanks to me.
Easy come, easy go! Huh?
Anyway, the day was very nice until that ticket, but I guess maybe I was due. I haven't received a ticket in over five years, and oddly enough it was for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign.
I checked on Windows Vista and my system can run Windows Vista Basic Edition, which I have no interest in getting, but Windows Vista Home Premium is worth having. That is the one with all the entertainment media on it and the 3D menus, but I need at least 1G of RAM.
I downloaded the Windows Vista Advisor program that scanned my computer and suggested the right Vista for me, and the only thing that is keeping me from Home Premium is my RAM.
But, the RAM I have in my Dell, is the Rambus RDRAM that costs an arm and a leg!
Two sticks of 512 of RDRAM at Dell is 600 dollars!!!!! OUCH!!
So, it looks like I won't be getting that. Mary went to ebay and found Dell RDRAM, two sticks of 512 starting at 49.99. So, I registered as a user and placed my bid for it at 50 dollars to start. The offer ends on January 31st so I'll know more then. It may very well balloon in price. All the other RDRAM on ebay is topping at 200 dollars for 1G. We'll have to see how it goes.
Wish me luck, Rambusless