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Qui-Gon Jinn
Today I had the privilege to speak with Jeffery Parks on the phone. He is owner and operator of Parks Sabers. I had a question on one of their products so I called the number on their website. The answering machine picked up and I left my info. I got a call from Jeff just twenty minutes later. I asked my question and then told him how impressive his lightsabers are compared to all the others I've seen on-line. I also told him that I appreciated the bold statement of his faith. He was very thankful for my praise. He told me they are waiting on some parts for my kit and that he hoped that it will still ship out in mid-February, I hope so too.
The rest of my money I'm going to pool together and buy some parts from BlastTech. They make outdated and out of production camera parts. The items I'm thinking of getting are as follows:
A flash button/bulb release assembly in black.
One Black Clamp Assembly with silver side bars and calculator bubbles.
And a six piece rounded end rubber grip set.
These items will be placed on my antique Heiland flashgun to make Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber from Episode 2 Attack of the Clones! It's going to be really cool and pretty authentic. Each part is manufactured to the exact specifications of the original parts they are fabricating. I've done research on the internet and via the movies, by pausing and squinting to see the configuration. I've downloaded pictures of other replicas and based my version on the most accurate parts.
So depending on how fast, or slow, my order gets here form BlastTech, I should have my very first authentic lightsaber completed shortly. I will start my Saber Pics Gallery with that one. Soon after, if my order from Parks Sabers ships when it should, I'll have more 'Movie Quality' replicas to post.
May the Force be with you all!
Love, Jedi_John.

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Oh, cool! He called you himself. Must be cool having that kind of business you just run at home.

Good luck with your quest!

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