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Bidding War!
This morning when I got up, I thought that I might check my bid on ebay for the two sticks of RDRAM, and found that I was no longer the highest bidder. I was at 50 dollars to start yesterday, and this morning someone bid 51. So, I bid 52, they bid 53, I bid 55, they bid 56, I then saw were this was going, so I jumped the bid to 100 just to shut them down, and sure enough they stopped bidding. I'm not too sure if that was the wisest thing to do, but I have never bid on something before. If the bid goes too high, it will be no more expensive then buying it new, not from Dell mind you. There are other companies that sell the 512 RDRAM for about 92 dollars each. All the other 1GB RDRAM on ebay is going for 200-300 dollars as they reach the final hours of bidding. I'll see by the end of the month where I stand and if I 'am willing to pay that for something used. The guy that is selling it has a high approval level of 99.6% and has been a member since 2000, so it should be safe to purchase it from him. This is kind of frustrating because if I had the normal more widely used RAM like DDR and SDRAM, it would only cost me 110 dollars for 1GB! And, if at the time, I would have just bought one stick of 512 from Dell the first time I upgraded my memory, all I would need now is just one more. ARGH! Oh well, life could be much worse, eh? I should count myself lucky to only have such problems, right?
I sent a picture to abe (at) sixapart (dot) com, I hope it went through. Thank you for checking into it for me.
I have some plans to make today. Plans that include some home repair listings, my goody bag for work, and thinking of some ways to become more organized at work as well as at home, etc.
I wish everyone a pleasant rest of the weekend.

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Yup, Abe got the picture. Thanks! :)

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