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Bidding continues
As of this moment, I have 1 hour and 48 minutes to go on my 1GB of RAM. I still 'am the current highest bidder! But I have this feeling that the closer it gets to the closing time, someone is really going to 'pour it on'. I'm going to stick close to my computer tonight and see what happens. I'll post again around 20:00 hours, after the sale closes with the final update. I came home for lunch today to check on my standings. At first it said I was the highest bidder at 103.51. I then went and made a sandwich, eat, watched a little TV and came back. I hit the refresh button and suddenly I was not the highest bidder anymore, apparently someone else had gone home for lunch as well. I had to bid in bursts of ten to finally reach their max. bid of 145.55. I placed my max. bid at 150, of course it tells me to bid higher since I'm so close to the current bid, but I ignore it. I'll just keep bidding until it says I'm the current high bidder and leave it at that. I expect to do a little stint of bidding again here soon, as I reach the end of the sale. With my luck someone will bid higher then me right at the last second and I'll lose out, but I'll try and keep positive.
Post the final results tonight.
Rambusseeker7, a.k.a jedi_john.