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(no subject)
Jumpin Jedi
I did it! And as I expected someone out bid me right at the 10 second mark!! That scoundrel!
So, I quickly placed a max. bid of 200 dollars and it shut them out right as the last second ticked off the meter! I won the 1GB of Rambus RDRAM from Dell, at a cost of 155.30! That's quite a savings opposed to 600 dollars I was quoted from Dell a few days earlier.
Whew, that was exciting at the end there. So, now I will have enough RAM to run my games much better, i.e. no more intermittent slide shows, and have enough to install Windows Vista Home Premium Edition sometime in the near future!
Well, I left for a little bit to pay for my RAM, so now it is 100% official. I now own the two sticks of RAM! It sure paid to sit here and keep hitting the refresh button!
Goodnight all!
Happy, happy, joy, joy, happy, happy, joy, joy! As Ren and Stimpy would sing.
jedi-john, a.k.a Rambusseeker7.