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Tonight it could get down to around 25 below zero with a high of minus 10 on Saturday. It could reach minus 30 on Saturday night, this is not including wind chills. So, Mary and I bought some groceries and made sure we had everything for the weekend, because I don't think that we are going to go anywhere. We'll just hibernate until Monday morning.
My RAM is being shipped out soon, I should have it in about two or three days. The guy lives in Wisconsin and is shipping through PayPal, where I can track it if I wish.
Ryan found out today that he has a hernia and has to see the surgeon. Let's pray that he doesn't have to have surgery, that it is something that can be treatable without an invasive procedure.
On February 16th Mary and I get to go to the Texas Roadhouse, a new restaurant for a practice dinner before they open to the public. It is a dry run for the chefs and servers. I think that I'll be eating quite a bit that night. Mmmmmm. Steak.
In March Mary and I are going to the Newsboys concert. We saw them the last time they were here and it was the best concert I've seen. We are looking forward to seeing them again.
Super Bowl Sunday will consist of watching the super bowl, munching on munchies.
I sure have had some wonderful days at work the past two weeks. Mary starts her long days next week. The doctor from California will be in that week and she will be working twelve hour days, then she works the following Sunday, another twelve hour shift then back to the normal schedule on Monday.
I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and a super Super Bowl Sunday!