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(no subject)
I was running the Windows Vista Advisor on my desktop again and printed out the report this time. I have very little issues with my computer and will be able to run Windows Vista Home Premium Edition with no problem. All that is required is that I upgrade to 1GB of RAM, and I have done so. My RAM should be on it's way soon. The positive comments on the seller were consistent. He is a fast shipper. I would assume then, that I shall receive my RAM sometime in the next three days. I was looking at the Vista RAM usage page, a non Microsoft site, and it looks like it will use at least 256MB or more just to run the OS.
But, Vista comes with a program that will allow you to use a flash drive to use as part of your RAM upgrade. The reason for this unique software is because they realize that not everyone can upgrade their RAM, i.e. some computers can only use up to a certain amount of RAM, as with our old HP computer, you could put all the RAM you want in it and it will only use up to 384MB. This, coupled with the costliness of upgrading RAM, Microsoft has this "Windows Ready Boost" program so you can use a flash drive as part of your RAM. It's just a cool way to add memory to your system very easily and affordability, i.e. a 512MB flash drive is around twenty-two dollars. I may do this in the future to enhance the performance of Vista, though I may not need to with my RAM upgrade, but we'll see, anything a little more than what you need is always a good idea, especially when considering memory and storage. The more I read about Vista, the more I'm getting excited to install it. There are many, many features that I'm really looking forward to! I do agree with the newscast about Vista, though. Mac users are not going to be very impressed because Vista basically copied the Mac OSX. That's okay by me though. It really is a cool OS, and we've all had XP for how long now? Too long. It's time to change!
Mary's free upgrade to Vista Basic for her laptop, may come as a disc. If so, I may be able to install it on my laptop as well, since my laptop meets all the requirements for the Basic Edition. So, Mary and I will be up-to-date on all our systems and ready for the future.
Which, by the way, is my next theme for my office. Futuristic.
Gotta Blast.