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So, my RAM arrived today already. I was so excited to put it in and see the difference it made when I played one of my games. I also got even more excited when I found that I had four RAM slots, when I thought I only had two. So, that meant that I'd have my 1024MB of RAM plus 256MB from the other two sticks of 128MB. Well I let the RAM come to room temperature for awhile and stuck them in, all giddy like. I went and hooked everything back up and turned it on. Then that's when I saw the screen saying, Unsupported memory found in slots RIMM 1 and RIMM 2! Please replace with PC 800-40ns or faster. So, I took out my new sticks of RAM and saw that they were 800-45. Sounds higher to me, but I guess RDRAM isn't always the same. It's even from Dell and it doesn't work with my Dell computer. I know that Dell didn't put this type of RAM in a lot of their computers, so I thought it would work. I guess I was stupid, again. I'll have to check every single number some other time. Now comes the task of selling back on eBay, hoping that I get a little more then I paid for it. Faster game play and Windows Vista, are suddenly a long ways off, again.